Business booming near Exit 5 in North Augusta

In the last decade the interest to build up South Carolina's Riverfront has sky rocketed, but the growth has started moving inland.

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) – North Augusta’s rapid suburban growth is transforming the city into a destination.

In the last decade the interest to build up South Carolina’s Riverfront has sky rocketed, but the growth has started moving inland.

If you build it they will come and that’s exactly why construction workers are moving dirt and building-up Sweetwater Square on Edgefield Road in North Augusta.

Still, the key to the rapid growth near Exit 5 is the anchor retailers that moved into the area.

“Definitely the Walmart… this Walmart actually performs better than a lot of the other locations.” Zamena Momin, the owner of the North Augusta Dairy Queen, told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Coming soon, to Edgefield Road, is the newest chain restaurant Dairy Queen.

The owner says market research has shown a Dairy Queen would thrive in North Augusta.

“We look at the traffic count basically and the traffic count is pretty high. So there are a lot of cars going through this area, either to get to Augusta or get to Aiken.” Momin said.

Next door to Dairy Queen stands Lulu’s Car Wash, another convenience for people on this side of Interstate 20.

“Well this is a high growth area,”Sandy Beaver, LuLu’s Operation Manager, said. “The potential over here is very good.”

By spring 2017 the Holiday Inn Express will be open for business.

The more than 80 room facility is bringing dozens of jobs to area and adding foot traffic to the nearby retailers.

While new neighborhoods are accommodating more residents, the boom in business can be attributed to the large amount of land available for new developments and business opportunity.

“When you are looking at a raw space that’s an area that has the rawest space to development. I think that’s of most interest to people when they want to put their own stamp on their building,” said Terra Carroll, President and CEO of the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce.

WJBF NewsChannel 6 has learned that a Wendy’s will be built at Sweetwater Square.

Dairy Queen is going to open in March.

The Holiday Inn Express is expected to open in May.

All these new businesses are bringing more than 500 new jobs into the area.

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