WJBF Scholar Athlete: Westside’s Elijah Brown

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The Westside boys basketball team is in the midst of a tough AA Region 4 battle heading into the final stretch of the regular season, and a key player to their success this season is senior forward Elijah Brown.

Brown is a three-sport scholar-athlete at Westside. He was named second team all-region for basketball last season, first team all-region for football this season, and he earned the coaches award for cross country.

“When we [were] growing up my mom always told us people that are good in sports usually aren’t good in the classroom, or they’re good in the classroom, but not good in sports,” Brown said. “She said at a young age we were going to be good at both.”

For his mother, Elizabeth Brown, his ability to balance three sports with a part-time job and succeed academically is the most important.

“I’m most proud of his academia,” Elizabeth Brown said. “He’s an athlete. He’s a strong young man physically, but a lot of times people assume when we’re talking about athletics, they don’t have that intelligence to compliment it, and he’s authentically an AP honors student.”

Brown said he plans to continue his football career in college, although he’s not sure where yet. He also wants to become a lawyer.

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