7 massage parlor arrests in two months in Columbia County

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) — The signs at King’s Health Spa on Belair Road are being taken down.

The massage parlor has been around for several years, but in November 2016, Columbia County investigators arrested 3 women there.

They’re facing several charges, including Prostitution.

“I think we’ve been in there several times in years past and of course, our last operation we did there, they closed up,” Lt. Thomas Langford said.

Days after the November arrests, another woman was arrested and charged with Prostitution at Gold Spa on Columbia Road.

Then last week, 3 more were arrested and charged with Sex Crimes at Perfect Salon and Spa on Davis Road.”Here recently, in the past month or two, it’s become an issue. I haven’t seen that many or heard that much, as far as these businesses, in the past couple of years since I’ve been over here,” Langford said.

The county is hoping to put an end to these lewd acts taking place in massage parlors.

Now, massage operators have to prove they have a state-issued massage therapist license and they also have to do a background check that costs $50.

This helps the county and the sheriff’s office keep track of the businesses.

“We keep them informed of these types of operations when we close them out. We let them know everyone involved so that it does prevent them from opening another spa where they may conduct the same type of business,” Langford said.

The sheriff’s office is actively looking for these types of massage parlors

Investigators say whether it’s word-of-mouth or online advertisements, the bad ones are usually found.

“There are some unsuspecting folks that go into a business that do not know they’re doing that type of act, but a lot of times, it’s folks that know what they’re going to get when they get there,” Langford said.

You’ll remember that that a sexual assault took place at King’s Spa in May of last year.

Damione Evans is in jail facing several charges, including Rape, in connection to that case.

A judge has ordered a mental evaluation on Evans before the trial.

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