Golden Apple: Deborah Wallish

Golden Apple Winner Deborah Wallish

(Waynesboro, GA)

It hits you in the hallway before you even walk in her room. This is where Mrs. Wallish teaches and she is loved.”

“I feel it is so important, this first year of school that they enjoy it, that they learn to love it,” she says. “I think that I can have a very important impact in their lives and I’m just thankful for that opportunity.”

These pre-k kids are learning so much and changing every day.

“Just to see that growth is just awesome. When they come in they’re shy, they don’t have the confidence.  Just to see them develop socially, emotionally, and academically.”

Mrs. Wallish keeps things moving in here. She makes her lessons come to life with her energy and enthusiasm.

“We try to integrate a theme with all our subjects. This week we have a special polar emphasis. We do polar bears and penguins activities. We sing. We dance. We read books. We act out plays. We try to keep it very admired and fun.”

This outstanding teacher is quick to give credit to others.

“I love my parents. I think that parents and teachers are partners. And we work together. And my peers–my friends on the hall, my administration–they’re all so supportive and we love each other.”

So while they’re learning to count, they’re learning from someone they can count on. Someone who will hold their hand and make sure they have everything it takes to do great long after this first year of school.

“I want them to be successful,” Wallish says. “But most of all I just want them to know that when they were in pre-k, they were loved by their teacher. We wanted them to learn, we wanted them to grow, but just to remember that they were loved most of all.”

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