Find out how Reggae to Augusta sheds light on culture and artistry

Reggae to Augusta tells you how they’re shedding light on culture and artistry in this segment of The Dish.

More about Reggae to Augusta:

Wayne Stoddart and Reggae Force is among the premier reggae underground bands of today. Wayne’s creativity of style of music can range anywhere from Classic Reggae, Dancehall, Country-Reggae, R&B, Reggae-pop and hip hop. His music is as much spiritual as it is hype and entertaining. Live performances usually leave the avid music lover overly satisfied and mesmerized by the musical creativity of catchy hooks and sweet melodies on all of Wayne Stoddart’s musical compositions.

The multi-award winning vocalist is backed by an all-star cast of reggae musicians including Aston Barrett Jr. of the Wailers on drums, Junior Jazz former member of Inner Circle on guitars, Peter Williamson on Keyboards and Alaina Reed on bass. In short, he’s is like a Bob Marley and Shaggy bottled in one artist.

Wayne Stoddart, as a young adult, lived in the inner-city community of Eastern Kingston (Mountain View) and existed amidst the harsh culture of the Kingston ghetto. Despite his surroundings, Stoddart was able to sustain his identity as a man of God. The experiences of his environment have led to lyrics of comfort, encouragement and upliftment for the oppressed and depressed seeking The Way. The title track COMMITTED on Stoddart debut solo album is a prime example of the root of the songwriter’s message. While living at Mountain View, Wayne Stoddart assembled at the local New Testament Church of God where he served as Musical Director. Wayne Stoddart formed the group Dynamis from the local members of the church and produced the album FULFILLMENT as a church project. In March 1996 the group was nominated Best Performing Gospel Band by the Jamaica Music Awards (JAMI) for the FULFILLMENT album.

Wayne Stoddart debut solo album COMMITTED was nominated Best New Gospel Reggae album and won the award for Most Distinguish Male Vocal at the New York Caribbean Gospel Awards (NYCGA) 2002. In 2003 the album was also nominated Best Male Gospel Reggae Album by the Marlin Gospel Awards. The Inspirational Reggae artist released the album LOVE CONVICTIONS in 2008. The album went on to win three awards at the NYCGA: Best Male Vocal, Gospel Reggae Album of the Year and Best Produced Gospel Reggae Album.

Wayne releases his third solo album IT IS WRITTEN in 2015. The single Three C’s from that album topped New York Reggae Charts (Hosted by Clinton Lindsay) holding the #1 position for 4 weeks. The tracks Taking Over, Turn it Around and Charity all held top 10 position over the first 6 months of the album release. This album has transcended religions and has appeal to the general reggae population. The album contains 13 original songs and one dub; all lyrics written by Wayne Stoddart. “I like to think of my music as Righteous Rockers…music is my expression of life and lessons learned along the way… again the idea is to encourage, inspire and uplift everyone that comes within earshot of these tunes”, the songwriter passionately expressed. Stoddart has been nominated for three (3) Awards for the album IT IS WRITTEN at the Marlin Awards 2016 to be held in December.

The gospel reggae phenomenon continues to feed the people with the bread of life through his musical collection of The Word. Wayne continues to “Move on inna Jesus name”: healing the wounded, comforting the brokenhearted, setting the captives free and tearing down the strongholds of the enemy, through the power of the Most High God.

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