Where not to be on Falcon’s Friday

"Out There...Somewhere"

COLUMBIA, COUNTY,Ga (WJBF) The Governor said its Falcons Friday, for many a good call.

“I’m looking forward to it Atlanta bringing it home,” said Robby Kiser.

“Oh yeah oh yeah,” said Susan Russell,

“You’re fired up.”

“Oh yeah,” she confirmed.

Falcons Day uniting fans across the area, country, heck maybe even the world there is another team in this  Super bowl the new England Patriots so on Falcon Day people  why on earth would you be here.

Right Patriots Park on Falcons Friday, I mean come on.

Patriots Park, Patriots Park what are thinking,” said Susan Russell.

“Oh I didn’t even realize that,” said Paula Hagner

“Well you better reconsider.

“Oh that’s true I didn’t think about that,” said Patricia Vanderhook.

Wonderful place sure, but Patriots Park on Falcons Friday, what you didn’t get an invite to Belichick’s house.

“So how can you be on Falcons Day at Patriots Park?”

“Because I come every Monday Wednesday and Friday,” said Vanderhook.

“I’m from Maryland so the Ravens would be so,” said Roland Mitchell.

“So you got an excuse them you’re not really a Falcons fan.

But you might be saying George, its Falcons Friday and you’re walking around at Patriots Park.

I didn’t just come to Patriots Park I came wearing my game worn Falcons jersey yeah a little provocative it’s like hey Patriots Park here I am.

“That’s okay now I did it for heart awareness day,” said Paula.

“That’s not the Super Bowl so your heart is with the Falcons?”

“My heart is with the Falcons, she said.

So even at Patriots Park you can celebrate Falcons Friday.

“Yes, said Roland

“his is a great country.’

“Oh isn’t it,” he added.

Out there somewhere at not Falcons Park George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

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