Giving Your Best: Timothy Montjoy

AUGUSTA, Ga.–  This month’s Giving Your Best winner is a single parent, recently  retired from the US Air Force, who has recently relocated to Augusta.

Timothy Montjoy is the founder of a nonprofit that provides an opportunity for children of military and first responder parents to attend professional sports events.

“Well, I’ve always had a tendency to want to give back and involve myself in the community, me and my daughter and my mother do a lot of volunteer work. And when I came back from Korea in 2003 I became a single parent fulltime.”

Sports became a way for them to bond.

“And just let her grow outside of the academic arena. She does cheerleading in college and she did cheerleading in high school and other activities as well, but definitely I mean giving us the opportunity to experience different situations together.”

Now that he’s retired, Montjoy is working fulltime to expand Operation Teammate here in the Augusta area.

“In short, what Operation Teammate does is provide an opportunity for athletic organizations, college and professional, a way to welcome children of military and first responders and kind of just give them an opportunity to take a time out and experience a sporting event tailored around their interests.”

Tim’s number one support person, his mom, Jane, nominated him for the Giving Your Best award.

“He loves to volunteer, he loves community support, he loves children and helping them through the Air Force. He and his daughter do a lot of volunteer work and so it’s just like a kind of continuation, ‘What do I do after retirement?’ so that’s when he started Operation Teammate and it’s gone real well for him. Children get to go to games and do things, it’s exciting for him.”

“And I look forward to reaching out to more people in the Augusta community and making an impact. And believe it or not, Operation Teammate is the only nationally registered non-profit organization that supports these children while their parents are away.

You can find out more about Operation Teammate on Facebook:

Watch the Operation Teammate trailer here:

Technical Sergeant Timothy D. Montjoy was the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Communications Focal Point, 20th Communications Squadron, Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina. He assumed his position in December of 2015. Sergeant Montjoy manages Tier-1 technical support by monitoring and reporting services related to Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) for a 600 million dollar infrastructure. These services include systems used by the 31 thousand Active Duty and Retiree population throughout the Carolina region. Shaw Air Force Base provides war ready Airman to support 79 F-16 Aircrafts, the base’s 24 thousand annual flying hour program and 2.4 billion dollars in Air Combat Command assets for the 20th Fighter Wing and 9th Air Force.

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