Remembering Sergeant Greg Meagher

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Sergeant Greg Meagher has an honorable reputation from not only his Richmond County Sheriff family, but people in the community.

He served in law enforcement for more than three decades. Some consider him a hero for his work in our community.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with one of his friends today. They worked side by side for a number of years. Patrick Cullinan with the Police Benevolent Association said Sergeant Meagher will always be remembered as a hero.

“Greg was awesome. He was not only a great man, but he was a cop’s cop. He was what we strove to be… he was just an amazing cop,” Cullinan said.

He served 33 years with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. His career started in 1984. He went to the criminal investigation division in 1989.

Patrick Cullinan sais he remembers vividly in 2004 when Sgt. Meagher was shot in the face in the line of duty. No one knew what the outcome would be. He says Meagher was fighting for his life, then managed to fully recover.

“Greg was that guy no matter what he had going on in his life. Iif there was another officer that had turmoil going on or was struggling in any kind of way, Greg was always the one that would pull them to the side to give them encouraging words or do anything,” Cullinan said.

“This community comes together whenever there’s a hero lost in the community. They come together to show how much they appreciated their service,” Cullinan said.

Burke County, Aiken County and Columbia County have all released statements expressing condolences for Sgt. Meagher.

“It’s a huge loss to not only our community as a whole, but to our law enforcement community,” Cullinan said.

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