Columbia County residents sound off at commission meeting after EMA Director Pam Tucker resigns

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. – Columbia County residents sounded off in response to Emergency Management Director Pam Tucker resigning, last week.

Several people spoke at Tuesday night’s commission meeting.

The message was clear as several residents sported “We Love Pam” shirts.

They wore  them inside the commission meeting to let commissioners know how they felt.

“I respect her immensely, I like her immensely and I think what’s happened is a horrible thing,” said Resident Bill Lesshafft.

Lesshafft says he’s upset about how the situation surrounding Tucker’s resignation was handled.

“It’s a shame that personalities couldn’t have been handled differently and that grown people couldn’t act with better manners,” said Lesshafft.

Last week, Tucker resigned citing a “hostile work environment” under County Administrator Scott Johnson.

“Ya’ll really, really need to look at how this happened and why this happened and make sure it never happens again,” Lesshafft said to commissioners.

Linda Parnell says Tucker’s resignation never should have happened.

“I don’t know the entire back story but from what I do know, she was bullied out of this position,” said Parnell.

Columbia County residents say they don’t want to see Tucker go.

“We want her to stay and there’s so much support for her. I have a lot of friends and they just love her and want her to stay,” said Resident Yesun Wiltse.

Right now, there’s an internal investigation being conducted by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office regarding Tucker’s claims in her letter.

Until that’s over, commissioners say they can’t speak about Tucker’s resignation and were unable to respond to residents who spoke out.

In the meantime, residents say it’s going to be tough to replace a woman who they say has worked hard over the past 18 years to help keep them safe.

“She’s just proven to be one of the finest employees of Columbia County who really takes care of us citizens,” said Parnell.

Last week, we told you that we looked through Tucker and Johnson’s personnel files.

We found no evidence of a hostile work environment.

We’ll be sure to bring you more information after the internal investigation wraps up.

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