Commissioner’s community center connection still questioned

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  An Augusta commissioner operation of a city  a community center is still  in question tonight.

For nearly 17 years Sammie Sias was  in charge at the Jamestown Community Center after his neighborhood group contracted with the city to operate it.

After complaints that this created  a conflict because Sias is now a commissioner

The mayor said last week said Sias would set aside.

We  tried to ask Sias what -is- his current involvement at Jamestown is now.
“What’s going on out at  Jamestown, have you given up the key’s stepped aside,” we asked as Sias walked away into the Commission Chambers.

Have I stepped aside of what?”


“Of operating the community center.”


“I’m not the manager okay,” he said.


Are  you still there?’


“I said I’m not the manager,” said Sias.

Commissioner Marion Williams says if Commissioner Sias has a key to Jamestown he should have one too, After weeks of discussion commissioners have not approved granting Williams a key.

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