Effort to save historic Augusta church faces uphill battle

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AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  The future is in doubt for an historic Augusta Church.

Trinity CME on eight street downtown known as Mother Trinity  church is considered one  the oldest CME Church’s in the country.

It’s empty  now after it was bought by Atlanta gas light because it’s on  contaminated soil.

To cleanup the building will need to be torn down unless it’s moved to another location.

The Augusta  Canal Authority is trying to drum up support to move the church across the street to a site that’s not contaminated.

” I think the community needs to get behind it because if we were to sit idly by and let it be demolished in a short period of time we’re all going to have mud on our face we’d all sit back and say how did we let that happen it really needs to be done it’s a tough project,” says Dayton Sherrouse, Executive Director of the Canal Authority.

Sherrouse  says the cost of moving the building would run eight or nine hundred thousand dollars, and that’s doesn’t include the costs of renovating it for future use.

The canal authority doesn’t have money in its budget to cover those costs.

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