Gold Cross reacts to city final offer

Photo of the Gold Cross logo on the side of an ambulance in Augusta, Georgia.
Photo of the Gold Cross logo on the side of an ambulance in Augusta, Georgia.

AUGUSTA,Ga  (WJBF) Gold Cross’s CEO says it’s looking like the company is going to leave it and not take it.

“Most likely not, most likely we cannot sustain that type of cut,” said CEO Vince Brogdon.

With Mayor Davis breaking the tie city leaders voted six to five to offer Gold cross a new three year contract at $380 thousand dollars a year.

The contract says Gold Cross will add two ambulances on the street during peak hours, even though the city subsidy is going down by 700 thousand dollars year.

“They want to increase it by two ambulances during peak hours the costs of putting those ambulances in the street plus pay roll costs is about a half million dollars just to start just to get it up and running,” said Brogdon.

Augusta has used the subsidy and a contract with Gold Cross to require the company to meet performance benchmarks like the number of ambulances on the street and meeting response times without a contract the city will have no say.

“I’m representing a rural area and I have a lot of seniors and if somebody has a heart attack and we have no control now Gold Cross follows the state guidelines,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

Gold Cross is operating without a contract and is raising its rates and adding new fees due to the subsidy cut.

Brogdon says if the city had accepted the company’s 900 thousand dollar counter offer those increases would not have been needed, and says the city isn’t being business friendly.

“I feel like we’re being shunned I feel like we’re being set up to put us out of business in Richmond County for a couple of people,” says Brogdon.

Gold Cross challenged the city and was awarded by the state the sole provider of emergency ambulance service in Augusta.

I asked Brogdon if he felt the subsidy cut was about the zone challenge he said when he met with the administrator and the city attorney in November they first question they ask him was are you ready to give up the zone, and Brogdon said no.

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