“Out There…Somewhere”: Celestial triple play won’t awaken inner caveman

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – At the Planetarium at USC Aiken the excitement, you guess it out of this world.

Oh yes I’m just so excited anytime you can get people to look up to the heavens that’s a good thing,” said Director Doctor Gary Senn

And for stargazers here’s what’s on the up and up tonight.

We got the full moon called a snow moon and there’s going to be a lunar eclipse and a comet all on the same night.

It’s a triple play, a hat trick, a full house.

“At least three of a kind I don’t think we can call it a full house,” said Doctor Senn.

Since the dawn of civilization we’ve looked to the heavens in awe wonder sometimes dread the inner caveman in us we see an eclipse a full moon and a comet at the same time we’re dropping to the fetal position.

“There might be some who might talk about harbingers of evil or whatever a full moon always has something associated with it a comet was often a negative omen,” said Doctor Senn.

But before you go all caveman and panic you should know even though you’ll see the snow moon the eclipse only going to be partial one, heck even cavemen wouldn’t get that excited.

“You see a slightly darker side of it it’s not going to be that nice blood red moon that we see during a total lunar eclipse,” said Doctor Senn.

And good luck tracking down that comet.

“Try and find this faint comet up in the sky,” said Doctor Senn.

You’re going to need binoculars to see it?”

“You will you will not be able to see it with binoculars or a telescope,” said Doctor Senn continuing to rain on this parade.

The snow moon may melt you, but the eclipse won’t dazzle you and the comet will likely pass you by, heck even all the cavemen still around might not even bother take the time to look up.

Out There somewhere in Aiken George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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