Morehouse College kicks off 150 year anniversary in Augusta

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Born in the basement at Springfield Baptist Church, Morehouse College is still thriving 150 years later.

The founder of Morehouse College, William Jefferson White, left a legacy in Georgia that has impacted men worldwide.

White’s great, great granddaughter, Bonnie Blocker, said her grandfather would be thrilled to see the college today: “To be the son of slave, and to be born not as a slave, but as a free man, and he accomplished many things.”

The current Morehouse President, John Silvanus Wilson Junior said the college produces leaders– over 50 graduates became college presidents, and three higher education institutions are named after Morehouse men. Martin Luther King Junior is a graduate, and Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela are honorary Morehouse men.

“It’s the nation’s only all-male, historically black college in the country, in the world, focused on training men with disciplined minds on service and leadership. Period,” Henry Goodgame, Morehouse Almni Engagement Direcor, said.

President Wilson said the college emphasizes having a spirit of fearlessness, much like their founding fathers had in 1867.

“A hundred and fifty years later, we would have produced some of the greatest we have produced that have made a difference in the world… those types of dreams have to be supported. We know Morehouse is worthy of that support,” Goodgame said.

Morehouse plans to use this week-long celebration of their past to raise funds that launch their future.

Going forward, Henry Goodgame said the college will be a force in the area of STEAM, science technology, engineering arts and mathematics. He says Morehouse men graduate as outstanding leaders steeped in ethics and integrity.

President Wilson said he will be speaking with President Trump at the White House about challenges at the college.

“And I will make the point, pretty forcefully that Morehouse needs to be stronger to keep producing leaders for this nation and this world,”  President Wilson concluded.

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