Commissioner working on changing name of Calhoun Expressway

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Drivers may not have a second thought about using the John C Calhoun Expressway but city leaders say there’s a driving force now about continuing to honor the name.

“When you see that action being taken at Yale University normally start a Tsunami and probably in any other places South Carolina or Georgia it does begin the address that issue and revisit that and see if you want to remain with that name,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan.

And being they type of individual that Mr.  Calhoun was it would be only fair and right that we think about renaming it for someone who is a little more positive for our community,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But some commissioners are doing more than just thinking about changing the name.

“I’m working on that as we speak, yeah,” says Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

“How come?”

“You just said it can you imagine being in a Jewish community and a street being named after Adolph Hitler,” said Commissioner Fennoy.

So you’re working on it to change it?”

“Right,” said Fennoy.

But not every commissioner is ready to go down this road.

“It was put there for a reason let’s respect the reason why it was put there and let’s move on,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

Some on the commission want to move on with a new name but it’s a move the city can’t make on its own.

“It’s a state road the legislators would have to make that change I would definitely be in support of it,” said Commissioner Hasan.

The state DOT confirms there is a process for naming state roads, and it normally involves a request to the DOT from a state lawmaker or local government, and these requests “are signed into law.”

The DOT spokesperson wasn’t sure if the same process would be involved in a re-naming of a state road.

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