It’s time to check your smoke detectors at home

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – If you need a repair done at your home, make sure your smoke detectors are working. If they’re not, the repair crews may not be allowed to do any work at your house.

It started with lights flickering in a home in Columbia County on Sunday.. that lead to a phone call to a local electrician.

“The main breaker had a fault in it which was causing some over heating,” said John Hales, Owner of Mr. Electric.
A malfunction that could have been much worse. Columbia County requires an inspection of a home’s hard wiring system before the power can be turned on. That system can include smoke detectors.

“Mainly if you do anything by cutting the power on the house or a permit, even if you’re doing a roof, or doing a remodel on a house that is a requirement to bring the smoke detectors up to code,” said John Hales, Owner of Mr. Electric.

If you are in an existing residential home, hard wiring is recommended but not required. A brand new home has to have hard wired smoke detectors instead of battery-powered units.
“The difference is a battery powered smoke detector will alarm somebody in the one room, where as the hare wired ones will alert everyone that has a detector in their rooms,” said John Hales, Owner of Mr. Electric.

Hales says the Marshall Square tragedy in 2015 serves as a reminder of the importance of a working smoke detection system.
“I would definitely say the perception of the marshal square fire, it has raised the awareness of fire safety and electrical safety… and hopefully with this message today homeowners can also have the awareness,” said John Hales, Owner of Mr. Electric.

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