New August F.D. rigs will be different than the ones that caused problems

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta fire officials are back in the market for some new fire trucks.

In 2015 the city bought 8 new trucks from the K-M-E- Group, at a cost of nearly 5 million dollars.

The trucks had immediate maintenance problems, and the Firefighters Association union accused the fire chief of misusing city funds.

The department now is requesting six new trucks at a cost of three million dollars, but the chief says they’re not coming from  KME

They did not bid and ah the past history and the issues we dealt with would have given us reason not to go back with that company but the company did not submit a bid to build our apparatus,” said Fire Chief Chris James.

The chief says is the full commission approves   5 older units will be traded in but those are not the problem plagued KME trucks.

he chief says those rigs have been fixed and are in service.

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