New landfill could cause rates to increase

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) A new landfill could hit Augusta trash customers in the wallet.

A commission committee giving approval  for a new commercial and demolition landfill off Dixon Airline Road.

The new landfill would take only construction material, and not household garbage.
The Augusta landfill also takes construction waste, bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in fees.
If a new landfill takes  business away,  the shortfall will have to be made up.

“Some rate will get adjusted whether it’s landfill rate which will ultimately impact all consumers whether it’s residential rates rates will have to be looked at,” says Landfill Director Mark Johnson,

You’re garbage customers will have to be paying more because of this decision.?

“Whether it’s commercial customers industrial customers or residential we’ll have to look at the entire scope,” said Johnson.

Officials with the proposed landfill say they’re fees would be 25 percent cheaper than the August landfill

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