WWII Veteran turns 100 years old

Washington, GA (WJBF) – The mayor of Washington, Georgia names February 14th as “Evans ‘Duck’ Moore” day.

A local World War Two veteran is celebrating a big milestone. Evans “Duck” Moore celebrated his 100th birthday. Along with Mr. Moore’s family and friends, there were a few surprises.

Washington, Georgia’s Mayor Ames Barnett and Wilkes County Commission Chairman Sam Moore awarded Mr. Evans ‘duck’ Moore for reaching the milestone of 100 years of age.
“We always need to show appreciation for our veterans, whether they’re 50 years old or 100 years old. And they don’t need to be 100 to just get appreciation. Its all a special day for somebody who signed on the line for our country,” said Mayor Ames Barnett.
Mayor Barnett says people don’t realize the significance of veterans like Mr. Moore. And he’s part of this area’s history.
“We became a purple heart city last year and we started realizing well ‘duck’ is gone turn 100 years old in 2017 so we wanted to make it special for him,” said Mayor Ames Barnett.
Moore was born February 14, 1917. He is the seventh of eight sons. He told everyone that grace plays a huge part in his life.
“I just have to appreciate what God has done for me,” said “Duck” Moore.
Mr. Moore has been an influence to many residents and visitors in Wilkes County showing all how to serve their community, states and country..

Mr. Moore was also recognized in Atlanta with a proclamation read and signed by Governor Nathan Deal.

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