Opinions differ on Calhoun Expressway name change

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) They’re re-doing the Calhoun expressway and some in Augusta feel the name should also get a do-over.

‘I think it would be nice for it to be changed how come well history we need to honor both sides,” said Augusta resident Joann Stewart.

“I’m working on that as we speak,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Commissioner Bill Fennoy telling us he’s on the side of changing the name of the expressway however not all city leaders have been told of the effort.

“Nobody has had any conversations with me about it  I don’t think the posture of the city at this point is how can we look at the highest and best use of  our time is the naming or renaming of things,” says Mayor Hardie Davis.

“Nobody has reached out to me about that would you support a resolution but why I understand what Yale did but history is history,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

But it’s the history of the Calhoun name that’s prompting some commissioners to support a new name for the expressway especially now that’s it’s getting this eight million dollar facelift.

“Perfect time to rename it you can also leave a sign out there saying this was formally the John Calhoun Expressway,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioners may be working on changing the name but is the work the public wants them to do,.

I don’t think it’s worth the time the effort I think they’re more important things like you said they’re working on the road but they’re going about it all wrong,” said longtime resident Hank Wilson.

“If you’re promoting a more positive image of your community it’s worthwhile,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Some commissioners are discussing changing the name of the Calhoun Expressway but the question tonight still is too what, talked to Commissioner Fennoy today he said he’s still looking at options.


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