Bakari Sellers speaks about Black History and President Trump

N. AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)– Old Macedonia Baptist Church in North Augusta had a special keynote speaker during this morning’s service.

While many churches tend to stay away from mixing politics with religion, Old Macedonia Baptist Church opened its doors to former South Carolina politician, Bakari Sellers, during its Sunday service.

Sellers is this year’s keynote speaker for the church’s Black History celebration.

Denmark, South Carolina native, Bakari Sellers, was one of the youngest State Representatives, and at one time, was the youngest black elected official in the United States. The former House Representative now serves as a CNN contributor.

Sunday morning, Sellers took a trip back to his roots to speak about Black History in America.

“Many people don’t know that there wouldn’t be a Rosa Park if there wasn’t a Sarah May Fleming. They don’t know there wouldn’t have been a Brown vs. Board of Education if there wasn’t a Briggs vs. Elliot. But I didn’t talk about everyone. You know, there’s no Martin Luther King if there’s no Benjamin E. Mays from right here in Greenwood, South Carolina,” Sellers explained.

Sellers didn’t only focus on history. He also spoke about the present.

“Sixty percent said they didn’t think he had the temperament to be president. Sixty percent said they didn’t think he was qualified to be president, so it drove me to ask myself the question,’Why would you vote for someone you don’t like, you don’t trust,and you don’t think is qualified?'” Sellers said in his speech.

“Many churches are afraid to touch it because they are told if you speak out on political issues, all kinds of things can happen to you. I’m going to show that politicians can answer those questions. There’s so much we can do,” Pastor Limuer Myers said.

And that is what Sellers did during the church service. He wants to be an example for people in his home state.

“You can’t expect a young black child to be a doctor if he’s never seen one. You can’t expect a young black child to be a lawyer if he’s never seen one, and so, I like to show people that you can go to public schools in South Carolina, that you can grow up in a city that has three stop lights and a blinking light, and you can still be a shining star,” Sellers concluded.

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