Mom sends college son garbage in care package

Trash received in care package by Pennsylvania college student.

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. (CNN) – A college student and his mom have become unexpected media sensations since she sent him a care package full of garbage.

“It’s nice to have something from home, knowing everybody’s thinking of me,” Conner Cox, a student at Westminster College in Pennsylvania, told CNN affiliate KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh. “I don’t get (care packages) often, but when I do, I’m pretty excited.”

Cox is a freshman on the school’s football team. He was recently surprised to receive a care package from home so soon after returning from winter break. When he opened it he got an even bigger surprise.

“I received a box and was expecting a bunch of food, chips, all stuff like that,” Cox said. “Then I opened it up and saw a bunch of trash and called my mom. I asked her if she sent me the wrong box because that’s how confused I was.  But she says it was the right box and that I needed to be held responsible for what I didn’t do.”

What he didn’t do is take out the trash like his mom asked him to do while he was home.

“I recruited him, so I’m not shocked that it came from his mom,” said Westminster Assistant Football Coach Colyn Haugh. “And knowing him I’m not shocked either.”

Connor then shared his learning experience via Twitter @thedeal_5. Since then his family and he have been inundated with interview requests from around the world.

“It blew up, and now most of the news channels in the nation are asking for pictures and quotes and…it’s pretty awesome,” he said. “I didn’t expect it at all. I thought I could get away with it this one time, and obviously I didn’t.”

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