Golden Apple: Diane Hyatt

Golden Apple Winner Diane Hyatt

(Martinez, GA)

Diane Hyatt has been teaching for 28 years.  Her dedication to these first graders runs in the family.

“My aunt was a school teacher,” Hyatt says. “From the time I was a little girl I would go into her classroom. I loved to help do the bulletin boards and grade her papers and that kind of thing.”

Now she’s in charge. Helping these bright young minds at South Columbia Elementary School.  It’s a job where she gets to reap the rewards every day.
“Just the joy of watching them learn, and learning to read, is the main reason I do this. That is the most fulfilling thing in the world to watch a child learn to read.”
Ms. Hyatt runs a tight ship in here.
“If you’re kind, obviously, you’re not breaking any of the rules they have in their room. If you’re happy, that helps us all have a very calm learning environment,” she says. “And hard-working.  That sums it up. If you’re those things, you’re going to have a good day and everybody’s going to have a good day around you.  And we’re going to have a good, safe learning environment.”
Congratulations Diane Hyatt, getting her first graders ready to take on the world .
“If I give them a strong foundation in the first grade, then I know they’re going to be successful from here on out.”

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