Commissioner doesn’t want to change history with road rename

John C. Calhoun Expressway - Augusta, Ga.

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Changing the name of the Calhoun expressway is not something commissioner Grady Smith things the city should be messing with.

“And want to rename a road and take the county commissions time is really absurd at this time I don’t know who’s behind it and I really don’t care,” said Commissioner Grady Smith.

Behind it is Commissioner Bill Fennoy, looking for commission support to drop the name John C Calhoun from the expressway.

“Once we reach an agreement change the name then maybe have a committee come up with a name that’s appropriate,” said Fennoy.

“What do we do change history every time we find out something negative bull crap that’s not right,” said Smith.

Last week Fennoy has provided commissioners with information about Calhoun’s past.

“Once they look at this history I think they will be in support of changing the name,” said Fennoy.

“We got to put a lot of that back history is history we learn from the past and move forward, t’s just time for us to move on be positive we can’t have crap like this if we expect people to come in from other areas,” said Commissioner Smith.

Fennoy is getting help for a new name from the Harrisburg Neighborhood Association and tells me he is considering names like former Commissioner and Georgia DOT Board member  Don Grantham and former Mayor Pop Newman.

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