Is the new approach to discipline in Aiken County schools working?

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – Is the new approach to discipline in Aiken County schools working?

Happy Monday to all our viewers!

For the past several months I have been taking a close look at discipline in Aiken County schools. This all started when we received emails, comments, Facebook posts and phone calls from you. So thank you for reaching out, we are listening.

Parents, teachers and even current administrators that I have talked to feel there’s a disconnect between them and district administrators.

So I began my investigation by looking at the root of the discipline process, the code of conduct. We uncovered the Student Code of Conduct had been modified. While the district says the changes were minor, they were noticeable.

The modified code of conduct was accompanied by a new philosophy.

The superintendent, Dr. Sean Alford, feels it’s important to teach students how to act and not punish them in a way that interrupts learning. That essentially means students who act out are not taken out of the classroom for causing a disruption.

It’s a problem many parents have voiced their concerns about at town hall meetings.

The district is reporting fewer expulsions and fewer fights, but there’s more to the numbers that just meets the eye.

My special report air Wednesday at 6 p.m. only on NewsChannel 6.

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