Golden Apple: Steven Jones

Golden Apple winner Steven Jones

(Evans, GA)

Steven Jones and his family have a lot in common when they sit down at the dinner table.

“My mother teaches at Evans H.S. My sister is a parapro at Lewiston Elementary,” he says.

But this wasn’t always his career choice. Before Mr. Jones came to Greenbrier High School, and Jefferson County High School before that, he was climbing the ladder in the retail business.

“That translated so well over to classroom management that I just enjoy that, and I looked into doing that.”

He makes sure his students stay on the cutting edge of our ever-changing digital world.

“The technology helps to engage, enhance, and enrich the curriculum.  It’s not the same old pen and paper every day. It’s something new, something different. It adds variety to the classroom. It just draws them in.”

And his biggest rewards come from the kids themselves. They make it worthwhile to get up and head to his classroom at Greenbrier High.

“They always put a smile on my face,” Jones says. “They make me laugh. They encourage me.  There’s nothing that I take more pride in than seeing them accomplish something that they might have struggled with earlier. They’re wonderful. They’re brilliant. They’re creative. I just look forward to seeing them every day.”

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