Protestors have one last chance to stop bar at old Planned Parenthood

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) JOHN: Protestors against a downtown bar will get one more chance to convince city leaders not to grant a liquor license.
The proposed bar is called ‘The Scene’ and the owner wants to set up shop in the 12 hundred block of Broad Street at old Planned Parenthood location.
Planned Parenthood provided health services, including abortions, there  for years. Activists say it’s like allowing a bar in a concentration camp.

“It’s a very appalling thought because it should be a memorial to the dead you couldn’t let them live we could at least keep their memories I can’t imagine a place like Auschwitz being turned into a grant entertainment center and people going to it and thinking that this is a good deal this is the same kind of thing,” said Pro-Life activist Gary Garner.

The liquor license approval is on the consent agenda for Tuesday’s meeting after the Public Services committee voted unanimously in favor this week.

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