City of Grovetown residents starting to see reimbursements after class action lawsuit

CITY OF GROVETOWN, Ga. – A class action lawsuit against the city of Grovetown has been settled and now folks are finding out how to get paid.

The lawsuit is regarding residents being overcharged for water, allegedly at the hands of former City Clerk Vicki Capetillo.

Before the lawsuit, Frank Wilson said he was blind to the fact that his business was paying too much for water use.

“All I knew was that it kept going up,” said Wilson.

Now, Attorney Jeff Peil, who was part of the suit,  says every resident is getting a piece of the settlement pie.

“All the citizens should be receiving a postcard in the mail that has a unique code. You use that code at and it will tell them how much they’ll be eligible for,” said Peil.

Residents are getting back different amounts and Peil says there’s a reason for that. and it’s all based upon water bills.

“We said you’re going to receive 32% of whatever the 2015 water bill was at the residence where you currently reside,” said Peil.

Why the 32% payout?

“It was impossible to figure out exactly how much was being over billed. We pegged it at $1.6 million and settled for $1.5 million and the 32% ensures that that amount of money goes back,” said Peil.

While Grovetown residents may be getting back different amounts, people we spoke with say they’re just glad it’s all over.

“I’m glad they got it settled. Maybe things in Grovetown will settle back down,” said Wilson.

So far, no charges have been filed against Capetillo who’s accused of illegally raising water rates and stealing money from the city of Grovetown.

A federal investigation is currently underway regarding those claims.

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