Cleanup programs could impact Augusta’s trash fees

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta’s environmental Services Department is looking to take action to help clean up Augusta

Director Mark Johnson presenting city leaders with some recommendations on potential programs as well as the impact on the department’s budget.

The department is looking at a scrap tire program as well as increasing the budget to demolish more than 400 abandoned buildings.

We wanted to know if garbage rates will have to increase if the programs are approved.

“What we looked at was the services and the services drive the cost of the program as the commission identifies what services they want we would in turn bring back any cost adjustments some of the things we proposed today actually lower our costs and some others will increase our costs and will figure out the total cost of services over the next thirty days,” said Johnson.

To save the department money Johnson is recommending phasing out the recycling perks program where trash customers can get discounts from local businesses for recycling.


Johnson says getting rid of the perks program would save 250 thousand dollars a year.

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