Commission doesn’t support Calhoun name change

(AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) John C. Calhoun wasn’t from Augusta not even Georgia and Commissioner Bill Fennoy said based on his history his name shouldn’t be on one of the Garden city’s main roads.

“He was a segregationist he felt slavery the best thing that ever happened for black folks I don’t agree with that and I don’t think many of my colleagues would agree with that,” said Commissioner Fennoy.

But what a majority of the commission agreed with is that the name John C Calhoun Expressway should not be changed.

“Now are we going to go back and dig up the past on everybody I hope they don’t dig up too much for me, we have too many issues in this county to worry about what a road is named,” said Commissioner Grady Smith.

“It’s history and we can’t change history we can change the future which is good we’ve got bigger issues to be concerned about,” said Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

“The people of this community they want to see us increase economics they want us talking about roads cleaning up things this is not important to the people,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

But it was an issue that Fennoy felt should have been important to the commission.

“I don’t believe any of my colleagues support the philosophy that John C Calhoun advocated so that being the case why would they support leaving his name on the expressway,” said Fennoy.

The issue didn’t even make it to the commission floor for a discussion and a vote after a private conversation with the Mayor Fennoy agreed to delete the item from the meeting

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