Golden Apple: Marcianne Alligood

Golden Apple Winner Marcianne Alligood

(Thomson, GA)

Marcianne Alligood takes time to break her class down into groups so that they can really focus on the lessons of the day.

“In small group we wanted to make sure that every student knows their benchmark skills and learning how to describe things,” she says. “Today we’re learning about adjectives and how to describe things.  We will also learn that in our writing.”

If you know teachers, then you know that most of them are doing what they do because they answered a calling. Ms. Alligood felt that calling when she was the same age as her students.

“When I was in first grade. I couldn’t read. And I worked with somebody specially, and I kept working and working and working and finally I was able to read. And so that’s when I knew I wanted to help kids read, and teach in general, sorry.”

She’s humbled by this Golden Apple award and grateful to the students who nominated her.

“I don’t consider myself one of the top, because I’ve only been teaching for 5 years. But I truly put my heart in everything I do.”

And that kind of attitude will serve her well for what a lot of people hope is a long career. A career dedicated to helping her students reach for the stars.

“I want to make sure that it all applies to their life,” Alligood says. “I want to make sure that they all know that I believe in them and that we all believe in them and that they can do it, they just have to try.”







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