City targets tires with new program

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It’s been a chronic problem for this part of Harrisburg illegally dumped tires.

“People even throw them out in front of our house and just keep going,’

Christopher Bernard Daggett lives less than a block from where the tires continue to pile up.

“And now it seems to me as if everyone that a regular tire dump the city don’t pick up anything nothing we can do about it,” said Daggett.

“We’re embracing cleaning the community tires are one of our number one problems right now in the community and we have to address it somehow,” said Environmental Services Director Mark Johnson.

The city’s regular trash service no longer includes picking up scrap tires so they accumulate on streets and in dumps, so the   proposal is for the city  to hire  a couple of  workers and put them in a vehicle and  pick up tires.

“This seems to be the most cost effective solution,” says Director Johnson.

The cost of cleaning up tires would run 150 thousand dollars a year, not in the department’s current budget.

“We’ve added so many different programs to environmental services so I know that’s hurting t as far as the revenue he does have so something is going to have to give,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

What could give is the city’s recycling perks program, where recyclers sign up and earn points for discounts that can earn discounts at local businesses.

Teresa Keith knows the program

:Oh yeah I do, anything counts now,” she said

“They’re going to stop it or looking at stopping it,”

“I hope not,” she said.

Mark Johnson says the recycling perks program is really under used and getting rid of it could save the department 250 thousand dollars, that could help pay for the tire program but Johnson is also recommending a new 50 fee on every tire sold in the city.

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