Swainsboro boys basketball ‘finish the drill’ in honor of former head coach

Swainsboro, GA (WJBF) – Swainsboro tigers advance to state championship after 21 years, in honor of the passing of former head coach Bobby Andrews.

“It is unbelievable, its been a long long time, said” Brice Hobbs, Swainsboro High School Head Coach.

“I’ll make us feel great, just bringing home a championship to the community, It’s been like 21 years so it’ll be great,” said Kenneth Mccoy, Senior at SHS.

..but its more than just a game of basketball for them. Long-time coach Bobby Andrews passed away last April due to complications from heart surgery. Current coaches and players say Andrews had a plan that would take this team far.. And it did.

“it’s very important because this is what coach bobby always wanted,” said Eddie Roberts, Junior

Players tell me being underdogs and coming out on top is what kept them in line and helped them grow.

“but you know hey we’re here and you know we’ve been battle tested you know on and off the court,” said Brice Hobbs, Swainsboro High School Head Coach

“We just gotta get the job done, stay focused remain humble, wake everybody you because we’ve been sleep on the whole season,” said Jamil Watkins, Sophomore.

The community, faculty and staff, and players have given 100% to finishing the drill for Coach Bobby.

“If you start the drill you got to basically finish it.. Just finish the season out, champions basically,” said Kenneth McCoy, Senior at SHS

“It all comes from coach bobby andrews you know I mean you know i think theirs an angel up there and its definitely him,” said Brice Hobbs, Swainsboro High School Head Coach

“When you start something you gotta finish it, we’ve came too far to not get the job done,” said Jamil Watkins, Sophomore.

“I expect them to show up loud and proud and bring some tiger spirit to the gym,” said Neil David, Assistant Coach.

Swainsboro Tigers will play against South Atlanta at 4-pm this Saturday at Georgia Tech.

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