Public art masterplan will guide city projects

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)   The artist’s touch is on it’s way to the city of Augusta.
A 20 thousand dollar master plan to serve as a road map for the display of public art projects in the city is now complete. The First step will concentrate on gateways into the city, where a million dollars in sales tax money is available for the project. Supporters says investment in public art improves quality of life and helps tourism.

“You know downtown is going to under go a giant change in the very near future with increase hotels which will make our conventions bigger which is going to mean more walking traffic downtown a lot of times when you go another city the things you remember are the things like the public art that you encountered during your visit,” says Brenda Durant of the Greater Augusta Arts Council.

The Arts Council is working to use its sales tax money as a match to attempt to generate more grant money for public art  projects. The Augusta commission must still sign off on the Masterplan.


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