Plans for a cleaner and safer Garden City

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Marshal Ramone Lampkin spoke at Saturday’s Townhall Community Breakfast. Several topics were discussed, but one in particular sparked people’s interest.

Lampkin says we will see cleaner and safer neighborhoods in the next few months, and tells us how this will be accomplished: “A lot of people at the Marshall’s Office only have one assignment, so we’re going to do a lot of cross training. We’re going to divide the county up into zones, so we’re going to have a supervisor that’s over that zone, so we’re going to identify the target areas.”

Marshal Ramone Lamkin says deputies will now be responsible for trash in their assigned zones.

In the past, there has been four deputies overseeing litter enforcement for the whole county. Lampkin says the re-structuring is a completely new concept that will drastically improve the community: “No it hasn’t been done. Not to this level that we’re doing it now. We’ve been doing some proactive stuff, but I want to take it to another level. I want to actually increase that… so that’s what the re-structure will do.”
Lamkin says cross training won’t cost taxpayers any additional money, although he does want to add some positions in the future: “I have asked the commission for two positions to do more investigations because we do have a chronic problem with illegal dumping, and we need to actually take a more serious role with those people and bring them to justice.”
The former sheriff’s office lieutenant says he is also going to start up community events to aid in cleanup: “We can’t do it all. We’re going to need the community involvement. If you see something, don’t throw it down, help pick it up, so if everyone adopts that attitude, Richmond County will be a cleaner and safer place.”

Lampkin says attention to crime will always be most important, but his deputies will now be more utilized in making the garden city a more beautiful place to live.

The training is already underway and marshal’s deputies will start fulfilling their new roles after the Masters tournament.

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