Another crime involving a knife at Walgreens in Columbia County

EVANS, Ga. (WJBF)– Investigators want to know who brought a weapon into a local store for the second time this year.

The incident happened at a Walgreens in Columbia County, and law enforcement said both crimes look similar.

“SURPRISE”– that’s the word Evans’ homeowners use to describe feelings about the recent crime at their local pharmacy.

A Columbia County Official said these types of crimes are rare in the Evans community.

“I was there on Saturday night, and there were a lot of cop cars in the parking lot, so I drove away and went to a different Walgreens,” Mary Dewey, an Evans homeowner said.

Mary Dewey just wanted to buy a pack of diapers for her son, but little did she know the Walgreens at the intersection of Fury’s Ferry and Evans to Locks Road had just experienced a crime.

“When he walked into Walgreens, that’s when the employee walked to the front and the suspect pulled a knife, said “come here” and lunged at the employee. The employee ran to the manager’s office,” Steve Morris, with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, said.

The suspect, seen here on this screen shot from surveillance video, immediately ran out of the location with nothing in hand. Morris says he left in what’s believed to be a dark gray or silver 4 door Ford F150 pickup truck.

Major Steve Morris shares the similarities between Saturday night’s incident and the armed robbery from January: “Both incidents were approximately at the same time. Both involved a white male from early to mid-twenties. Both involved subjects wearing hoodies, and there are some other similarities.”

“It’s just a surprise that it’s happening on this corner because there’s a lot of traffic on this road. You’d would think they’d want to go somewhere where there’s not so many cars going by all the time,” Dewey said.

An Evans’ homeowner and father, Rick Wilson, fears for his family’s safety as the community continues to grow.
“It makes me feel unsafe for sure. I have a daughter that works at Subway that had a very similar incident Saturday. Someone came in and asked if she was there alone. Kinda makes you wonder, you know, what kind of neighborhood we’re living in,” Wilson said.

Investigators believe the suspect is local.

Since both incidents targeted female employees, community members said store owners should have both male and females working shifts together. They said in today’s world, criminals are looking for easy targets.

If you have any information regarding this investigation, please contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

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