Augusta responding to problem sewer line

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

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AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It’s a neighborhood that has learned to worry when the forecast turns wet, because what’s   happened before.

“Man it was awful we had human feces running down the street into people’s yards,” says Dennis Gates, who lives in the neighborhood.

“It was running all in there yards you got kids around here playing its bad for the kids,” said Curtis Lockamy who lives nearby.

Bad for everybody back in January when raw sewage over flowed from man holes after heaving rains in the Fleming acres sub-division creating a dirty stinking mess.

“I’m sure we need new drain line with all the new people coming in and all this hopefully the city can get together and get it fixed,” said Lockamy.

But they’ve heard that before in the neighborhood.

“We done had promises and promises you know and they always kick up to the side,” said Gates.

But after the last major spill the city is now preparing to act.

“This was programmed in our capital improvements budget already, we knew were going to replace this what happened in January moved it up from a top priority to an emergency,” said Utilities Department Director Tom Wiedmeier.

The plans call for a new sewer line, and a pumping station to speed the sewage away from the area so it doesn’t have time to back up.

“This will pump it around and get it on out of that neighborhood so they shouldn’t have the issues they had in January,” said Wiedmeier.

The Engineering Committee is expected Tuesday to approve more than 370 thousand dollars for design work on the new hand pump station; neighbors are ready for some relief.

“Let’s take care of it get it done,” said Gates.

Utilities Director Tom Wiedmeier says the total cost of the new line and pump station should be in the five to six million dollar range, and though this is considered to be emergency work the schedule has construction taking until late this year or early next year.

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