Commissioner calls for more money to battle blight

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) A commissioner wants Augusta to get more aggressive when it comes to taking on abandoned buildings.

There are more than 420 blighted buildings in line to be torn down in Augusta,  but there’s no money to cover the cost.

One recommendation is for the city to basically borrow  up to five million dollars to take care of the back-log and pay for future demolitions.

The city would have to determine how to pay back the loan but some city leaders say it would be a good investment.

“By going ahead and eliminating all off the dilapidated housing at one time could promote growth in the city and provide reasonable prices for land in the city for people to come in and build houses for people who have homes to expand,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioners are expected to hear recommendations Tuesday on funding new cleanup programs dealing with illegal dumping, scrap tires, litter, overgrown lots, and others things.

The total price tag for all those programs would run about 900 thousand dollars.

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