Waynesboro business owner Kathy Owens candidate for Mayor

Waynesboro, Ga. (WJBF)- As a business owner and former banker at Capital City bank, Kathy Owens says she wants to bring new businesses to Waynesboro that will help attract visitors to the city. 

Owens says as a resident of Savannah for several years she wants to strengthen tourism between the neighboring cities and to develop a brochure that lists the things to do in Waynesboro such as local shops as restaurants.

“I ran many businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry I decided to come home about 7 years ago and I love Waynesboro, Georgia. I feel that I have a lot of business experience to bring to Waynesboro I also have a lot of tourism and leadership experience to bring to Waynesboro.” said Owens.


Owens also serves on the business curriculum advisory council at Burke County High school and it is with that leadership that Owens hopes will inspire a new wave of business leaders and entrepreneurs through partnerships at schools in the County. Owens says she is also passionate about youth recreation and activities to help youth get active in their communities.

Early voting In underway for the special election and the final day for voting is on March 21st.  


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