Augusta Transit is making everyday travel easier

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Augusta Transit is working hand in hand with the city to re-brand and improve public transportation.

The common goal– to create a system of travel the C.S.R.A. is proud of.

We pass bus shelters and transit buses on our commute daily— Oftentimes, a stigma is attached to the public service.

The Augusta Transit Director, Patrick Stephens, shared why there’s a stereotype, and what the system brings to the Garden City: “Millions of people across the United States use transit every day because it’s economical… Yes stereotypes are there, and we’ve got to change that.”

Stephens said students use the resource everyday to go to class. He said transit services are a critical aspect in Augusta’s infrastructure.

“Studies by the U.S government show that for every dollar invested in public transit, there’s generally about a four dollar return on the investment,” Stephens said.

Three low-cost transit services are offered in Richmond County: Fixed route buses operate 9 routes. An ADA transit service is available along with a rural transit service, picking up South Augusta citizens.

Allen Hudson, a bus rider, said he’s used the service for decades.

“I ride the transit a lot to the grocery store, but now, five days a week, I’ve been going to Ken Wood Nursing Home to see this lady. She’s 86. She got me started (riding the transit) in church 30 years ago,” Hudson explained.

“Stephens said there are several exciting things happening at the Augusta Transit, and there will soon be an app coming to your phone to help you better plan your travels.

“I will tell you this particular application is used all through the country, and it is reliable, bit it’s customized to Augusta,” Stephens explained.

The director said the buses were re-branded in 2016, and since, technology has been installed in the buses to better provide on-time performance.

“This system is for everybody. Some people choose to leave their car at home in their driveway and take the conveniences of transit. We have a long way to go– we’re not a New York City. We’re not a Los Angeles. We’re starting on that journey now towards excellence in our future,” Stephens concluded.

The rural transit that operates in South Augusta is a curb to curb service. For only three dollars, you can get anywhere in Richmond County.

Visit the Augusta Transit website for more information:


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