Former councilwoman Portia Washington vying for Waynesboro Mayor seat

Waynesboro, Ga. (WJBF)-Portia Washington is on the ballot again in Waynesboro. But this time it’s for the title of Mayor. As a former council woman, Washington says she’s ready to serve the people once again.

Washington served on city council for four years back in 2004.

She was responsible for balancing the city’s budget as well as several community projects such as the building of the new public works facility.

She says her previous experience in office has prepared her for the job as Mayor.

“My vision for the city of Waynesboro is to grow. Grow economically grow in infrastructure, increase our parks and recreations activities, we don’t do enough of that. I would also like to get more adequate parks and recreations that would serve the community with bathrooms and water fountains.” Washington said.

In 2015 Washington ran for Mayor against the late Pauline Jenkins. She says the passing of the former mayor compelled her to continue her legacy of serving the people of Waynesboro.

“She was effective in the community and the people loved her. I would love to continue her dream of building this city. I would love to continue to just keep hope alive, she was about hope she was about bringing the community together.” Washington said.

Washington hopes to focus on economic development and job growth in Waynesboro if elected Mayor.


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