Golden Apple: Seymone Reese

Golden Apple winner Seymone Reese

(Thomson, GA)

Seymone Reese has been teaching second graders in McDuffie County, Georgia for 15 years.

“When they come to you, they’re still immature and you get a chance to see how much they can grow when they’re with you in 2nd grade,” she says.

She loves her students and wants the bond between the families and the school to be strong.

“Once you have that relationship, that comes with mutual respect. Then you get that respect from the boys and girls because they know that you love them.”

This is a place where students are taught to lean on one another to make sure they reach the best solution possible.

“In order for you to grow and be successful, you have to have that partnership. You have to collaborate. And that’s what I teach them at this young age. Your idea is not always the right idea. Share your thoughts, and by sharing you are able to learn more.”

Way to go Seymone Reese, a Golden Apple Winner, and a great influence on children in Thomson.

“Receiving an award of this magnitude, it solidifies what I’m doing,” Reese says. “I’m doing something right. And it’s always a blessing from above to say, Yes, Seymone Reese continue to do what you’re doing. Continue to bless others in your field.”

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