Microblading is a popular trend for fuller eyebrows, while eyelash extensions can shave minutes off your daily routine

JENNIE Show Episode 30

AUGUSTA, Ga.– It’s all the rage these days for people wanting fuller eyebrows. We’re talking about the eyebrows of your dreams– without using any powders, pencils or gels to get them. For those with over-plucked, thin, or no brows at all, microblading may be the answer. It’s a process that could change your life in under two hours!

Click here for the “AFTER” video: http://wjbf.com/2017/03/14/microblading-after-video-from-the-jennie-show/

Kyrstina Carrino is the owner of Ready. Set. Relaxx day spa in Martinez, GA.

Krystina Carrino, owner of Ready. Set. Relaxx Day Spa in Martinez, GA, offers these services and sees the amazing transformations on a regular basis.  She says it’s especially popular for cancer patients and women who have over-plucked or over-waxed through the years.

The process begins with precise measurements and mapping-out. Tiny scratches are made below the skin and pigment is placed in the stroke marks. The area is numb, so the client feels no pain.  Prices in her spa range from $400 – $800, according to Carrino.

Krystina Carrino applies individual eyelash extensions that can last up to two months.

Another popular trend in beauty services is eyelash extensions. Prices vary depending on the number and the length of extensions.  Carinno says you can go from more natural lashes, which look like a coat of mascara, to “full on Kardashian” lashes.

You can contact Krystina Carrino  at 706.399.5887 or Erica Drayton at 706.941.2977 for more information.


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