Projected temperatures in the 20s could harm CSRA flowers

The Garden City is in bloom, but Jack Frost might be about to throw a wrench in it.
The Garden City is in bloom, but Jack Frost might be about to throw a wrench in it.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)-The Garden City is in bloom, but Jack Frost might be about to throw a wrench in it.

With temperatures likely plunging into the upper 20s Wednesday and the lower 20s Thursday, the CSRA’s blooms are in a vulnerable position.

“They said it’s going to go down to 23 [degrees], which would be devastating for the flowers and plants this time of year,” said local floral designer Margaret Brown.

Margaret Brown’s floral designs for Augusta National Golf Club have been viewed by the hundreds of millions of people who have tuned into the Masters over her 27 year tenure at the club. In fact, her work been seen more people than any florist in history.

But this weather is tough for even the most accomplished gardener.

“You have no control over mother nature,” Brown said.

And Brown says she was already nervous about this year’s flowers.

“To me it seemed about two weeks early,” she said. “And they just bloomed, and you know it was really warm. And I just worried the whole time about a frost coming because it just seemed like it was just sort of the wrong weather at the wrong time.”

She says annuals especially don’t do as well in the cold.

She’s covering hers with buckets and tarps that’re staked to the ground.

“It’ll be like having your own little greenhouse hopefully,” she said.

But she says there’s not a whole lot you can do to save Augusta’s famous dogwoods and azaleas from browning in frosty temps.

“Because they’re so big and tall and you know you can try to….but most of the ones you can cover would just be in the garden, small annual plants and things,” she said.

But even if Jack Frost gets to the plants, Augusta in the springtime is still better than most.

“They have such a beautiful structure with the golf course and the trees and the beautiful green grass that looks like velvet…it just couldn’t get any prettier than that. So whatever happens, it’ll still be beautful at the Augusta National,” Brown said.

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