Scammers posing as credit card fraud investigators

(WSPA) – Scammers have come up with a new and clever way to access your credit card. They’re pretending to be the very people who protect you from hacks: Credit card fraud investigators.

A lot of us have gotten the real call from our credit or debit card company asking if we’ve made a purchase.

Roy Worley got one when he made a trip to Vegas.

“They called that afternoon, and Mr. Worley, did you make this charge and that charge and were you renting a car in Vegas,” he said, reciting the phone call.

He says they asked him a series of questions to verify it was him.

Scammers have realized, impersonating the fraud investigators is a clever way to get you to divulge your information without you realizing you’re handing it over to the criminals themselves.

That’s just what happened to Morgan Fletcher in Spartanburg.

“They were saying that they were with bank of America and that I had fraudulent charges on my account and that they needed to verify that I was the rightful user of the credit card with my user name and password,” said Fletcher.

In some cases, the scammers already have your card number through a breach. They just need you to give up the three digit security code.

We called a real Fraud investigator to help explain the difference.

“At the end of the day if they’re asking for anything like a card number or an expiration date, anything that has to do with an actual plastic card that should send up a red flag,” said Allie Teper with Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union.

The number on the back of the card is your best line of defence. When in doubt, hang up, call that, and follow the prompts to the fraud department.

Another powerful tool is your credit card company’s app. It will send texts right to your phone after each purchase so you know if a fraudulent charge appears on your account.

Fletcher, recognized the call for what it was, and she called her bank instead.

“It just makes you want to not answer any calls anymore.”

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