New website to help with job searches in SC

(WSPA) – SC Departarmet of Employement and Workforce says there are new websites to help South Carolinians search for jobs

They say they their website has been enhanced with the search engine

They say DEW worked with nonprofit employer group DirectEmployers Association (DE) and the National Labor Exchange on so the available jobs listed on the site are only from employers verified by or DE’s

They say this new web tool will open more pathways for job seekers and employers to the state’s leading job-matching website,

DEW says they also created new websites that align with the industry clusters identified by the S.C. Talent Pipeline initiative which identified high-growth, high-demand jobs in South Carolina. The industry specific sites include:


“These new websites put the jobs posted at just a click or two away, making it easy for people to search for specific jobs. It also helps employers attract the right candidate for a job by giving them easy access to information about available positions,” said DEW Executive Director Cheryl Stanton.

They say the new websites are mobile friendly and feature social media links, allowing users to quickly share job postings via Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

DEW says the Military Occupation Code Crosswalk function allows veterans to enter the type of work they performed in the armed services and receive a list of civilian jobs that require those skills.

The system also translates military occupation codes into skills employers are looking for in potential employees, according to DEW.

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