Riverwood Plantation homeowners resting easier now that 17-year old burglary suspects are behind bars

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Two teens are behind bars accused of burglarizing several homes in two different neighborhoods.

Oliver Leseburg and Thomas Howard are accused of breaking into five homes in Riverwood and Windmill subdivisions.

Lindon Oliver Leseburg (left) and Benjamin Thomas Howard (right)
Lindon Oliver Leseburg (left) and Benjamin Thomas Howard (right)

Row after row of stolen jewelry, sunglasses and guns were spread across a table in the Criminal Investigations Division of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

They’re what several homeowners in the Windmill and Riverwood Plantation area worked hard to get and what two the 17-year-old Greenbrier High School students are accused of taking in an instant.

“In one of the burglaries or attempts, the homeowner was present, gave us a pretty good description of both subjects and of their vehicle,” said Major Steve Morris.

Morris says Leseburg and Howard admitted to stealing the goods and led them to where the items were stashed in a wooded area near Windmill Plantation.

“At this point, it’s unknown if they were doing it for monetary reasons or just for the kick of it,” said Morris.

People who live in the Riverwood and Windmill Plantation area say they’re resting a little easy, knowing the two alleged burglars were arrested.

One mother we spoke with says she was really shaken up, living feet away from a home that was targeted.

“It’s a little alarming thinking it can happen right across the street from you,” said Lori Madison.

Madison says many residents in the Riverwood Plantation area have been afraid to leave their homes.

“I know a lot of stay at home moms in this area were very uneasy about leaving home. They didn’t even want to go out of their house during the day for fear,” said Madison.

Morris says these arrests should serve as a warning.

While it may have taken about three months to identify and catch the alleged burglars, Morris says in no way were investigators giving up the search.

“Eventually it’s going to come around. It may take a week, it may take a year but we’re not going to forget,” said Morris.

Both Leseburg and Howard are being held without bond.

They’re being tried as adults.

A bond hearing has not been set for the teens.

NewsChannel 6 will continue to keep you updated.



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