Failed Gold Cross deal leaves commission with windfall to spend

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Gold Crosses   loss is Augusta commissions gain.

“So now we have a few dollars excess so we can find something to do with it there are areas in the government that could use some money,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

The City Administrator telling city leaders this week that since Gold Cross did not accept the city subsidy that could free up 380 thousand dollars for other uses.

So is this money the commission wants to spend?

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle says no at least not now.

“Leave it in reserves fir right now until budget time we can’t see the unforeseeable because of health costs,” says Guilfoyle.

Commissioner Dennis Williams says this year’s budget included cuts for some departments that could use some help.

“Animal Services out there they could use the money they’re extremely under staffed,” said Williams.

Tuesday a commission committee heard the proposals for a comprehensive cleanup plan t did not approve adding people new or programs because of the cost.

But 380 thousand dollars is now available

“I don’t anticipate that any of the cleanup will come from the 380 let’s put it in reserves let’s talk about the 2018 budget what can we cut and what can we implement,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“It’s going to cost money top cleanup our city those dollars can be spent with any difficulty and very little time,” said Commissioner Williams.

“We have to be cautious on how we are using the taxpayer’s dollars,” said Guilfoyle

“Should the money go to nonprofits?

“Ah no,” Guilfoyle said.


There are numerous items commissioners could spend the money on re-reinstating  budget cuts, new programs, nonprofits all it  takes are  six votes, the city administrator telling commissioners she wants a

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