‘No Smoking’ Sign Expected To Go Up In All Aiken Parks

Aiken parks will have 'no smoking' signs soon

Aiken, S.C. (WJBF) – The next time you go to a park in Aiken, you’re going to enjoy a breath of fresh air. Local leaders guarantee it.

“We have decided to implement a new policy in our parks playgrounds and recreation facilities for no smoking and actually tobacco free policy,” said Jessica Campbell// Director for Aiken Parks.

“We were briefed at our work session on Monday by park and recreation staff that they recommend that we do that. we’re just joining the band wagon, maybe a little late but better late than never,” said Councilman Dick Dewar// Aiken, S.C.

The move to go tobacco-free has been in the works since last year. So the national recreation and parks association put out a position statement back in the summer of 2016 encouraging the parks and recreation facilities across the nation to stand behind and implement tobacco free policies. Aiken residents say they think it’s a great idea especially with kids and softball teams in the area. With no smoking signs being implemented in hospitals, restaurants, and schools city council members in Aiken thought it would be the goal here to have a smoke free zone.

“and we will be placing those signs up to enforce that, the goal is to have that done sometime in April,” said Jessica Campbell// Director for Aiken Parks.

“they have smoking bans everywhere else so it just makes sense to have a no smoking in a park where kids are,” said an Aiken resident.

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