Medical students receive news of their future for Match Day

Lots of hugs, tears and cheers for medical students heading to their residency.

***UPDATED ON FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2017 AT 5:10 P.M.***

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Students at Medical College Georgia at Augusta University received an envelope that will change the course of their lives.  It’s Match Day across the country and locally, students took part in learning where they will conduct post graduate training.

Dressed in Disney Pixar costume, no story was a fairy tale.  The realities of these future medical professionals were placed right in their hands.

After the ringing of the bell, it was nothing but cheers and excitement.

“Long time.  Very long time,” exclaimed Anna Sulimirski, a fourth-year medical student.

One-by-one Medical College of Georgia students, dressed in fictional flair, raced to get a very important envelope.

For some, like Anna Sulimirski who will be completing an internal medicine residency, Match Day was perfect.

“I feel great!  Baylor! It’s what I wanted,” said Sulimirski, who will be a Baylor College of Medicine resident.

More than 200 students from the Augusta and Athens campuses received matches for a residency in 38 states.

The wait was all worth it for one ninja turtle lover and sharing it with loved ones made it even sweeter.

“UAB.  I feel awesome about it.  I feel great,” said Ryan Cone, who will become a University of Alabama Medical Center Birmingham resident.

Parents took time to digest the news too.  Other students just had to wait their turn. When Ada Agidi’s time came, it was like a mouse getting cheese.

“I was hoping for Loyola in Chicago and that’s what I got,” Ada Agidi, Loyola University Medical Center resident, said.

The Nigeria native will go on to study dermatology.

“The field just interested me when I got to med school.  I just saw how diverse the patient presentations were and how there are opportunities for constant learning and many research opportunities available too,” she explained.

And don’t sleep on the one eyed monster.  Cherry Yu will get to go to her top choice for neurology at the University of Colorado Denver.

“Yeah since I was in like fifth grade I wanted to be a doctor,” Yu said.

It’s been all work and very little play.

“The journey was rocky, but in the end we battled through and we got what we achieved,” said Cone.

But that’s ok.  These dreamers will soon be practicing doctors.

“Orthopedic Surgery.  Whoo!  Come see me!” Cone said.

We can say Match Day here in the Garden City was a success.  Some of the students will stay right here in Georgia.  Nearly half of the students matched will join primary care programs such as pediatrics.


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) –  A group of students anxiously awaiting the future will soon learn where they will pick up more medical skills.  Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University is one of several schools across the country participating in Match Day.  This Friday at 11:30 a.m., the events will begin. That’s when fourth-year students will receive envelopes with names of the places they will go for post-graduate training.  Match Day will be held in the J. Harold Harrison, M.D. Education Commons, Room GB 1220.

Augusta University released the following information:

Each February, after interviews and visits to residency programs, medical students across the country rank hospitals where they’d like to complete their training, and hospital residency programs rank the students. Rankings are submitted to the National Resident Matching Program in Washington, D.C. Pairings are announced simultaneously at U.S. medical schools during Match Day. Graduates of osteopathic and foreign schools as well as U.S. graduates wanting to change their residency also participate.

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